Jishnutha S.R.

12 Years

DAV Public School, NTPC- Kaniha, Angul Dist, Odisha

Kaniha, Odisha

Mangoes : Enjoy till season lasts | Poem by Jishnutha,12, Kaniha

Still gorging on mangoes? 12-year-old Jishnutha from Kaniha, Odisha is all praises for the delicious summer fruit. 

Mango season - King mango and the fear of knives

 Mango season : Enjoy it till it lasts 


During summer, we search and crave,

For mangoes which enter our mouth sloshing like a wave.


I suspect that mango is a fairy,

Because its cheek is rosy as we pluck and carry.


Its secret is in the peeling part,

Where you see fruit like a work of art.


How does it catch our fancy, this fruit? 

Just like how Pied Piper attracted the children with his flute.


It ties us like a cowboy with a lasso,

And it is better than any coffee, even espresso.

It soothes us from this extreme summer heat,

No competition whatsoever, what a feat!


Some of us are blessed with the mango fall,

While others are stuck in our four walls

Picking up artificial mango-ish drink and holding it in their arm,

They just don’t know how much it will harm.


If we don’t cradle farmers’ mangoes in our hand,

It will soon vanish as if we broke the magical wand.


So let us pay our respect and eat mangoes with joy,

Because our national fruit is only available in the summers we enjoy.

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