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‘Even Aliens love jelly!’ Story by 6 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

read story on jelly for kids by kids Bookosmia

During my winter vacation, I went to a jungle with my family.


I was reading a story book when I heard a sound. I went out of my tent with my dad and saw an alien coming out of a rocket. The alien had a peculiar light on his suit, and I was excited to see it!


He made a strange sound with his mouth and had a peculiar appearance. The alien landed there because his rocket was broken. That night the alien stayed with me and the next day we took him to our house. We took his rocket in a crane and kept it in our backyard.


Next morning my dad told me,” Let us fix the alien’s rocket.”  I was happy with my new companion. I named the alien Jimmy. I was eating jelly and I offered  some jelly to Jimmy. He found the jelly very yummy. Dad and I fixed Jimmy’s rocket little by little every day.  Meanwhile, I played puzzles, ludo, carrom sets and Lego blocks with Jimmy. After a few days, the rocket was fixed, and Jimmy took me for a ride to his planet. Since Jimmy loved jelly, my dad filled the rocket with jelly and we both took off.


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