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Magic Lamp And The Missing Gold Chain

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“Happy birthday!” shouted my parents and sister, waking me up from my sleep. I was surprised and so happy.  The clock struck 12. They gave me gifts and I  went to sleep again.

When I got up in the morning, I got ready and went to the living room. I saw many decorations like balloons, ribbons and many such things done in our  living room. “Good morning, this is for your birthday party,” said my mom. I gave a little smile

Then came the most awaited evening. My friends and relatives had all  gathered to wish me. My dearest friend and my neighbors also came to wish  me. I had a good birthday party.

When the party was over, I went to my room and started opening the gifts I had received. I heard the bell ring and I went out of my room to see who it was. I saw a cute little girl with a sad look in her face. I recognized her as my neighbor. She had even come to my party that evening.

Her father and mother were talking to my parents.I saw that they were worried  and I did not know why. My parents finished speaking and closed the  door.

“What was it?”I asked my mom.

“That girl has lost her gold chain and they came to ask whether she lost it here, but we did not see any chain,” she said. “We should help them as they have lost their chain after coming here.”

Search for the chain in your room as she was playing with you there. I will  search in the living room,” said my mom.

“Okay,” I said and went to my room. I searched my room for a few minutes as I was interested in opening the gifts. Finally,  there was only one gift remaining. As it was the smallest gift, compared to the others, I had kept it for last. Finally  I opened the wrapper and the box. There was a lamp inside, which was made  of copper and it looked very old. There was a long card inside the box with something written on it:

Write any three wishes

I didn’t know what to write or what will happen.  I thought to test what will  happen if I write something. So, I just wrote- I NEED A CHOCOLATE.

Suddenly the lamp opened and a chocolate was inside. I was so surprised and  happy but unsatisfied that there were only three wishes. Then my room door opened and my mom came in and asked “Did you search for her chain?” she  asked.

“Yes,” I lied. Then a thought struck to me .Why not ask for the lost chain? I wrote-


And as expected, the lamp opened and gold chain was there inside. I gave it to  my mom, saying it was inside my room. I was so sad that I have not asked  anything for me and I was left only with one wish. But I wished I had more.

Then a thought struck me about what I should write next. I wrote-


I waited for something to happen and suddenly the lamp and the card vanished! I was so shocked but soon I realized what I had done. I had been so greedy. I should have used the last wish.

From that day I understood one lesson in my life- be happy with what you have and never be greedy.

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