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Lord Howe Island, Sydney : Paradise on earth | By Atreyo,11, Kolkata

What’s your dream place to live on earth? 11 year- old Atreyo from Kolkata writes about Lord Howe Island in Sydney, a heavenly place to live.

Lord Howe Island Sydney Review

I currently live in the Eastern township area of Kolkata, in a residential complex. If I had the opportunity to relocate, I would choose to move to the Lord Howe Island, Sydney as it seems like paradise to me because of its peacefulness and calmness. It will help me relax and help me concentrate more than I can in the busy city.

This island would give me a break from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle of Kolkata.

In the island, I will live in a tent and would try to live close to the water-body to gain access to water. The water-bodies near this island have an absolute glistering, fresh and pollution-free appearance which are very soothing for our body. They are so clean that we can literally see the sea bed.

My tent would be pitched amidst meadows filled with fresh grass that have the smell of petrichor. Young, large and greenery filled mountains would be seen in the distance. I would be able to smell the breathtaking fragrance of beautiful flowers everywhere.

The sound of birds chirping, deer roaming and squirrels squeaking in a high-pitch can be heard from the large and dense forests in the island.

The Lord Howe Island is absolutely mesmerizing and idyllic. This place refreshes our mind, removes tension and depression and is famous for its bio-diversity. Thus, we can finally say that this place is the real paradise on Earth.

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