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The most beautiful sound| Blog by Presha,11,Vadodara

Most Beautiful Sound Essay Read with Sara Bookosmia

My favourite sound..

Ahh…  As soon as I read this topic name, I instantly knew what to write. But then again, I thought, there are more than a billion sounds in the universe, the sound of a train, the chirping of an early morning bird, the piano, just to name a few. How can I possibly have a favourite? A favourite sound is nothing but nostalgia. For example: for a mother there is nothing more special than her baby’s laughter whereas for a child it is the mother’s lullaby.

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I have many favourite sounds, but if I had to pick one, I would choose a sound that brought me peace and an instant smile. Traveling down memory lane I thought of South America and that’s when I hit the jackpot. I remembered my trip to a rainforest sanctuary park, in South America.

Ahh … The sound of rain, dripping slowly and peacefully, from one leaf down to the other! It was so peaceful!

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Has anyone ever listened to meditation music; well, if you have, then you would know what I am talking about. With the peaceful sound of rain, there were beautiful sounds of those colourful rainforest birds: toucans, lorikeets, macaws etc.

After spending hours and hours in the sanctuary, I was still not ready to leave the magnificent rain sounds behind. My parents had to eventually pull me out of the sanctuary to go back to the hotel. It was like heaven on earth! And I am not just exaggerating about the incredibleness of this sound, I really mean it.

But just imagine, what if you couldn’t hear all these magnificent sounds? If you were like those 466 million people; who are deaf. Not being able to hear is like being a tree without blossoms.


International Sign Language Day - Gratitude For Our Hearing Ability


Hearing is a gift that we should appreciate and never take for granted.

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