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Sanvi Ranga

6 Years

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‘Lockdown and The Magic School- Part 2’ by 7 year old Sanvi Ranga from Mysore

Read with Sara story on magical school by kids Bookosmia

It has been so long since the lockdown. Sanvi’s regular school has still not  opened. So Sanvi has been attending online school and visiting her magical  friend’s school too.


Once Sanvi was in her garden playing and decided to go meet her magical friends. So she blew bubbles and sent messages to them. Immediately her  magical friends appeared around her and took her to her favorite land of  magic. She was so surprised. That day, it was the talent day at the school of  magic. There were competitions under various categories for different magical students-
1. Rainbow creating competition for unicorns
2. Potion making competition for sorcerers
3. Broom flying for witches
4. Who does the best magic for fairies
5. Who grants the best wishes for genies
6. Swimming competition for Mermaids
7. Who makes the best pixie dust for tooth fairies

Sanvi was excited but also sad that she wont be able to participate in any of the above because she cant do magic. The fairy Godmother appeared in a flash and cheered Sanvi up. She said, “Why don’t you pair up with each of your magical friends and participate in all the competitions. Remember, participation is very important. Always participate. ”


Sanvi was a little shy but decided to listen to the fairy god mother. She ran to  her tooth fairy friend and got busy helping her grind pixie dust. She swam with  her mermaid friend under water over the coral reefs. She helped her unicorn  friend create beautiful rainbows. She sat on the broom and raced with other  witches. Sanvi helped her genie friend by reading out the words in the magical  books and got a genie to nod her head. She had a great time participating in all the competitions!

After the talent day got over, she played hide and seek with all her magical friends. She hid in a genie’s bottle once with genie, fairy’s tree house with the fairy, behind the clouds with the unicorn, in the sorcerer’s cave, in the witch’s  tower, in the tooth factory with the tooth fairy. Finally she went to fairy God
mother’s house to hide.


She said, “No hiding in my house because there is a lot of powerful magic and  its not a play area. And Sanvi, you might tell the magical spells learnt in your school and get into trouble.” Sanvi said sorry and left.

It was now time to go back home. Sanvi got home quickly, back to her garden
and slowly inside the house. Her mom came running to her, saying there is
exciting news from her school. There is Talents Day and there are all kinds of competition painting, Origami, storytelling, singing and dance competitions.


Sanvi sat down and told her mom about all the fun competitions she just took  part in at the school of magic and what Fairy grandmother told her about how  she should participate in all the competitions. Sanvi’s mom agreed and happily signed her up for all the competitions in her real school. Because participation  is very important.



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