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Let’s Start An Epidemic..Of Smiles! | Bookosmia

Let’s start an epidemic..of smiles!

Let’s start an epidemic..of smiles!

A smile is the most infectious disease in the world,

It spreads like a flu to anyone and it is not reserved,

Smile is the best thing to do,

As a single one results in two.

Wear a smile even if you are sad,

As it turns your mood to good from bad,

One smile can light up your day,

And forbids the darkness to stay.

Smile creates small wrinkles on your face,

Which shows your feeling of happiness,

Nothing cheers someone more than a smile,

Not even tears shed for someone equaling to water contained in the Nile.

Smile not because you have a perfect life,

As no one can remove all the sadness from your life,

But because you are happy with what you have,

So start an epidemic of smile and laugh!


Let’s start an epidemic..of smiles!



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