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IPL- A Festival For Indian Cricket Fans | Bookosmia

Yay! The IPL is here! Have your popcorn and journal ready to enjoy and document my joys of this cricket season? 12 year old Anant Mohta, a Bookosmian from Howrah is ready too and he gives us the perfect curtain raiser to start the carnival! Superb read!

Anant is a student of DPS, Howrah.

IPL- A festival for Indian cricket fans

IPL, also known as Indian Premier League, is an Indian cricket league with lots of cricketing entertainment. It is also a platform for youngsters to showcase their talents and cement their place in the Indian cricket team.
It started in 2008 and the inaugural edition involved players from all nations including Australia, England and New-Zealand.


IPL- A festival for Indian cricket fans


The initial season was won by a bunch of youngsters led by Rajasthan Royals(RR) which was led by the legendary Shane Warne. Moreover, it included future superstars like Shane Watson, Ravindra Jadeja and Mohammad Kaif. But, after the 2008 edition of the IPL, Pakistani players were not allowed to enter the tournament.

IPL- A festival for Indian cricket fans


IPL is my favorite league in the world possibly due to many reasons, the first being the adrenaline pump that happens within me and the second is the time-zone that the league is played in.


I don’t have to wake up early like I do for Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Ind vs Aus) and not sleep late as I do for India vs New-Zealand matches. IPL is also a place where I can see my favorite players like MS Dhoni and AB de Villiers after they have stopped playing for their nations.


IPL- A festival for Indian cricket fans


In a country like India where cricket is a religion, cricketers are no less than gods. And IPL is no less than a festival.


This year, I hope you’ll watch the IPL and be a part of this festival. Thank you for reading, have a great day ahead.


IPL- A festival for Indian cricket fans




3 Responses

  1. Exceptionally well written article Anant!!!!

    I am as excited for the IPL as you’re.

    And the best thing you said about the time zone.
    It resonates with most of us.

    Plus the duration of the matches played is much lesser than any ODI or a Test match.

    That makes the league so popular among the masses.

    Well written. Way to go.

  2. Exceptionally well written article. I am as excited for the IPL as you’re.

    Truly said that the thing that resonates with most of the people is the timing of the matches of the league.
    Also the fact that the matches are much shorter in duration compared to an ODI/ test match makes it even more popular with the masses.

    So lets get ready for the drama, excitement, adrenaline surge and entertainment!!!!

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