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IPL 2021 – Why Is The IPL Back? And Why In UAE? | Bookosmia

The IPL starts in a day! But hey wasn’t it played a few months ago? Why is it back? 12 year old Adwaith Menon, a Bookosmian from Chennai answers all our questions about it!

IPL 2021 - Why is the IPL back? And why in UAE?

The Indian Premier League, the most prestigious domestic cricket league of the world, starts again on Sunday! Why was there a round two? Here’s what happened.

IPL 2021 came to an abrupt stop in May due to some of its players getting infected by the coronavirus. Not only the players, even the coaches got affected by COVID – 19. Cricketers from abroad made their way back to their countries with great difficulty. Many countries banned incoming flights from India, fearing the virus. Australia banned all Indian citizens as well as their citizens to fly from one country to another. The IPL proved to be dangerous for the players affected by the virus in spite of the bio bubble.

IPL 2021 - Why is the IPL back? And why in UAE?

A ‘bio bubble’ is a safe and secure place which does not have contact with the outside world, thus providing the people in it with safety. Only players, support staff and match officials are permitted to enter the bubble.

The BCCI had provided bubbles in practise sessions, hotels, matches and transportation. But the bubble does not guarantee the safety to be 100%, as has been already proven.  This brings me to my question. Should the IPL have been played during the pandemic? Wouldn’t it have been much safer if they had postponed the IPL to a time when the cases decreased? Wouldn’t it have been much sensible to host the IPL in countries where there were very few cases? The IPL hosted during this struggling time burdened the security, police and healthcare systems.

IPL 2021 - Why is the IPL back? And why in UAE?

When the players played the matches with vigour, many were in hospitals gasping for breath and recovery. A celebratory moment like the IPL during this time was not sensitive. Many argued that the IPL had been a light in the darkness. But would the people who were deprived of the beds say so? Was it right for a celebration during this time?

The BCCI should show more practical thinking in hosting the Indian premier league now. Postponing it was a wise decision. It is good that it is now happening when cases have decreased. Moreover the host country is UAE. Many security and health precautions have been taken for the IPL now and let’s hope it goes on without hassle!

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