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Volunteering – How Paying It Forward Helped Me | Bookosmia

Volunteering - How Paying it forward helped me


Volunteering - How Paying it forward helped me

From my balcony I could see some people begging on the street at the crossing signal. Sometimes it was difficult for them to arrange a daily meal. They found no morsel of food. I narrated the same to my parents and discussed with them how to help those people.


My father being the president of the building discussed with the members of the society and they decided to gather old newspapers, clothes and many more things to raise a fund for a meal to help the poor.


Volunteering - How Paying it forward helped me


As the days passed we made a committee and offered the grownup people different types of jobs. Every day in the morning we distributed food/ clothes to the needy. Days passed by. Sometimes on weekend, I started teaching the needy children. The children were very happy. I tried helping the people. Every one appreciated my work.

One day I went out for a Christmas party with my family. On the way home my father just went to the nearby shop to pick some chocolates for me. Suddenly I saw a group of rowdy people running towards us. They attacked our car. I ran for help and the homeless people on our street helped me and my father.

Volunteering - How Paying it forward helped me

Anything could have happened if those people would have not helped me. I thought to myself my deeds have saved me. I was blown away by this realization and felt very satisfied because I could make a difference to the society and help the needy.



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