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International School of Hannover region


‘Kites, Kites…Wonderful Kites’- Poem by 9 year old Bookosmian from Hannover, Germany

Read Poem by kids on Kites Bookosmia

What can fly but doesn’t have wings?

       Yeah that’s right, “KITES!”
            Kites are here and there,
        Have you ever been aware?
Read Poem by kids on Kites Bookosmia
                 Colorful kites,
              Wonderful kites!
            Some are like bats,
           Some are like cats,
       And some are like rats,
     But they all bring you laugh!
    They’re ready to take flight,
          With all their might,
              Yup, that’s right!
                In your bags,
                Out your bags,
     Hope not they turn into rags!
Kites, kites, kites all my fun kites!


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