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Just a simple sinful wish!! Poem by 17 year old Vansh from Delhi

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There are things you say
That you instantly want to take back,
Didn’t know that wishing for something
Could also take that track.
I wished the pandemic raging abroad
Would hit my country as well,
I’d get to sit at home all day
Boy, won’t that be swell!
But I didn’t realize what it meant
To be quarantined in this age,
The bird learns that flying was its freedom
The day it’s locked in a cage.
I could see the world struggling to cope
Through this terrible crisis,
Killing me inside, was the guilt that nagged
“Did I really wish for this?”
What I wanted was a moment of peace
Why, oh why, was my wish heard?
I looked around and saw what I
Thought was the end of the world.
My mother then explained to me
Being the savior that she is,
This pandemic was inevitable
My wish has got nothing to do with this.
Humanity has exploited nature
Till the point it could no more give,
This is nature’s strike-back so that
To see another day, it could live.
There may be God, we can’t be sure
But karma surely exists,
And don’t worry, it’s not the end
It is our fate, no matter how it twists.
We have seen more deaths and wars
Than the people this virus killed,
We are not as weak as we look
And much stronger willed.
Life is a marathon
Not a sprint, overall,
Few bumps along the road
Won’t make you trip and fall.


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