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Its ok to not be ok| Essay| Mental Health| Bookosmia

Shake it off. Let them see you’re not doing well because its okay to not be okay! Read this fantastic piece by 13 year old Mynah from Delhi.
Its ok to not be ok Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Bookosmia

Shake it off. Let them see you’re not doing well because its okay to not be okay!

We often sit down and the inquisitive mind does the reckoning about how we  have come so far in the competitive world, where people only remember who  came first and tend to forget all those who participated.


People usually forget participating is more important than winning because  failures are a better teachers than winners. Someone once said, “Success is  not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”


But some people don’t understand that and criticize them by taunting, punishing and yes even threatening them.  This leads to suicide, mental health  issues, depression and so many other negative outcomes.


Competitions are important only till the time they are in their limit. Competitions have increased just the way global warming has . Pollution we cause, leads to global warming and in turn impacts us by cancer, skin diseases and so many other diseases.


The same way the judgement we make upon people does not only affect them. It affects us as well by having negative impacts on our thoughts, emotions, anger and a lot of problems.


Competitions should be there, but only friendly ones. Intense competitions causes hazards for people, who suffer unnecessarily. Healthy competition is important for human growth. But sometimes if you lose or are not satisfied with the result, then you must know this. It is ok to not be ok. Its ok if your mind is in the right shape. Let the people judge you and make petty comments. They wont stop. You should just focus on satisfying yourself and not the world.


Competitions are for your advancement and not to stop you. So its okay to  take a breath, stop for a while, breathe in and move forward. Life will never  stop for you. If you find someone who is not okay, give them some time. Just  let them be and know that sometimes the mind wants to be alone in this  critical place called the world.


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