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Independence Day : Salute to freedom fighters | Poem by Praaptie,13,Bhubaneswar

What does 15th August mean to you? 13-year-old Praaptie from Bhubaneswar pens an inspiring ode to the leaders who made it possible for us to be free. 

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Independence day : Salute to freedom fighters 


Every flower that wafts fragrance

Every gentle breeze that blows

Every throb of the heart

Every breath that flows


Every act of nature today

Sings the glory of the waving tricolor

15th august is not just a day

It’s a saga of pain, suffering, courage and valour


How painful were those days 

Living under the British reign !

Tears of every Indian were streams of endless pain


Salute to their enormous courage

Salute to their wisdom

Salute to the true patriots

who crowned us with freedom


The vast oceans with the mighty waves bow to their unbeatable vigour

Even the bright sun and the shining stars fade before their heroic splendour


Today we have wings to fly

Today we can soar so high

but let’s not forget those gentle souls

who bestowed us freedom and chose to die


Salutations to the bravehearts for the determination they have shown

Their unflinching courage and valour shall inspire generations to come. 

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