Reyansh Sinha

10 Years

Blue Bells International School

New Delhi

The Beauty of Rain | Poem by Reyansh,10, Delhi

Are you enjoying the rain? 10-year-old Reyansh from Delhi loves the climate. 

Hot summer - Rain and rainbow are the perfect combo

The Beauty of Rain


Do you know that thing?

Which cools our body and refreshes our brain?

Ah! You do know that!

Yes, it’s the rain.


It cools down the whole world,

We enjoy the cool breeze.

It cleans up all the streets,

it brightens up the trees.


Children shout to their mothers,

“Mom, could I go to play out in the rain?”

“Not today, dear,” she replies

“You’ll catch a cold and get drained.”


The rain can be devastating too,

but there are a plethora of good things.

As we feel the beauty of the rains,

We feel like queens and kings.

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