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Incredible India- My perspective |Blog by Hansuja S,11, Chennai

What makes India special? 11-year-old Hansuja from Chennai shares her pride for our nation with this blog. 

India love blog by kids bookosmia

India is a country with a civilization that is more than five thousand years old. The second most populated country in the world has people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

India Republic Day Bookosmia
Art by Bookosmian Swetalina Samantaray


Not only people but the country itself also has a range of geographical diversity. From the snow-capped Himalayan peaks to the great Indian Ocean, from the Thar Desert to the Sundarbans, India offers a visual treat to eyes with its beauty.

The call of the magical Himalayas


There are twenty-two official languages in India. As per the people’s linguistic survey of India, India has the second highest number of languages (780). Even though people speak so many languages, all the people stand in unity as ‘Indians’.

Yakshagana performance Karnataka dance
Yakshagana dance form


India is famous for a wide range of folk and cultural dances like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Cheraw dance, Odissi, Bihu etc. It is also famous for various music styles like Carnatic music, Hindustani etc.

In conclusion, the term ‘Incredible India’ perfectly suits our nation in my perspective. I am proud to be a citizen of India. It is our responsibility to keep it diverse and united. 

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