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Traffic rules you must know | Blog by Pranav, 9, Bangalore

Let’s learn traffic rules with 9-year-old Pranav from Bangalore in this short blog.

Traffic Rules kids bookosmia

To ensure safer roads and prevent accidents, it’s crucial that we understand and abide by traffic rules.




  1. Red signal means you must stop your vehicle.
  2. Yellow signal indicates preparation to stop as the light is about to turn red. 
  3. When the light turns green, you are allowed to proceed.


If drivers speed through without noticing these signals, it can lead to severe consequences. 


Here are some traffic rules that we should always follow as pedestrians :


1) Always check both right and left before crossing a road.

2) Use designated zebra crossings for crossing.

3) Be aware of the environment by not wearing headphones. 


By observing these rules, we can significantly decrease accidents and promote safer roads for everyone.

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