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Naisha Garg

7 Years

Delhi Public school Ghaziabad, Meerut Road


Bedtime story : The naughty monkey | By Naisha, 7, Ghaziabad

Let’s read a tale about a naughty monkey written by 7-year-old Naisha from Ghaziabad. 

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Bedtime story : The naughty monkey 


Once upon a time in the jungles near the Himalayas, there was a monkey called Chimpu who was notorious for his mischief. 


A group of forest people named Hajumas had made a secret pit behind a big banyan tree to store their food and clothes. 


Naughty Chimpu saw the people hiding their things in the pit and made a plan to pull everything out and throw it around the hills of the Himalayas.


On a gloomy night, he tried to enter the pit secretly, but ended up falling deep down inside. Now he understood that it was a trap made by the Hajumas to save their collection from strangers like him.


As he waited to be rescued, Chimpu decided to never be greedy and naughty ever again. 


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