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I Read…. |Poem by 11 year old from Bhubaneswar

What to read? Here is an amusing poem by almost -11 year old Pratichi Satpathy from Bhubaneswar, Odisha about what the life of a bibiophile entails.

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I am a crazy caterpillar curled up on a couch,

And I keep buying books until I have no penny in my pouch.

I read when I am happy and even when I’m blue,

You can also sneak in to see me reading in the loo.


I read……..

Books about fiery dragons,

Riding in wheelie wagons. 

Books about ghosts,

Dwelling in Victorian lamp posts.

Books about stupid crooks, 

Hiding in crannies and nooks.

Books about spiders,

Drinking sweet cider.

Books about girls,

Who changed the world.

Books about talking scissors,

Concealed in one’s itchy trousers.

Riveting books about myths and folklore,

With superstitions galore.

World’s worst children cause commotion,

And give their teachers loose motion.

Dr. Seuss and Julia Donaldson, with them I grew,

And now I’ve read Harry Potter too.

Famous Five and Secret Seven,

Kept me up till night, when I was just ten.

Tom Gates is full of humour,

While Goosebumps is stuffed with horror.

Sherlock Holmes is sharp and clever,

To be like him I endeavour.


Books are gifts I can open again and again.

They can take me from a misty rock to Big Ben.

 They are like mini gardens in my pockets.

I shall keep reading till my eyes pop out of their sockets.

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