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Sibling Relationships are like Tom and Jerry’s- Essay

Celebrating sibling love, whether brother-sister, two sisters or a two brothers combo. 13 year old Neil Mittal from Surat shares this loving essay about life with his brother.

Sibling Love Read with Sara Bookosmia

“ A sibling is a lens through which you see your childhood.” -Ann Hood

Siblings are  a great asset in life as they are their link to their past and most  likely to stay with them in future.

Albeit, there is a lot of generation gap between me and my brother, people  always say that I am comparable to my brother. But a question that always arises in my mind is, if we aren’t twins how are we identical?

Back when I was a child I was stiff-necked, moreover camera shy. I did not like to click photos. Once when I was on my way to register a child account in the  bank, my absentminded father forgot to bring my photo. However, he was carrying my brother’s teen photos which he always used to  put in his file (don’t ask me why!)


When we reached I was so annoyed because,  as a result of my father’s  mistake I was repenting. While he gave the photo to the banker, I was peering at the photo with my skeptical eyes. That day I realized my brother and I are almost identical.

“Sibling relationships are like Tom and Jerry. They fight, tease, knock each  other down but can’t live without each other.”

My worst moment was when my brother left me and went abroad for his studies. And also my most jubilant moment was when he visited India for a few months. It felt like a soldier was coming home after the war. Those months felt great.

Back in the days when I used to visit a temple as a toddler, I always prayed for my brother and also requested God to give virtue and merit to him. “If you love  someone more than anything then you always wish to make their life better.”


But with all these beautiful things one can share with their sibling, I realize that some  people don’t have siblings, while others may have lost their family too. I  should be thankful to God that my brother is alive and I have my parents, my helpers with me and I know I owe them a lot. I would like to say that every person should know that from a  small, microscopic cell to an intelligent human being, we have come alone in this world and will die alone too.


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