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Rinisha Agarwal

7 Years

Modern High School For Girls


I love being lost in my books | By 7 year old from Kolkata

Say hello to 7 year old bookworm Rinisha Agarwal from Kolkata who cannot stop reading! How do you feel about books?
reading books poem bookosmia
I am excited to read what’s next.
And even when someone calls for me,
I continue reading through the book’s text.

I get tremendously excited to get a new book,
and finish reading them quickly. I am hooked!

When I am reading, I can never be stopped,
And on my shelf, books are always stocked.
I read while I travel, drink or even eat,
And can keep reading all day on my seat.

The feeling of getting lost in a book is amazing,
And for me reading books is never boring.

I love being lost in my books!

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