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End of the school year| Poem by 10 year old from Hyderabad

Whew! School has ended! 10 year old Seeyona Guha from Hyderabad reflects on the not-so-normal year in this hilarious poem!
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It’s the end of the school year

Oh, so fast…. it’s already here!

Along with teachers and friends,

We made memories that would never end

And in spite of the online tools,

All our classes were super cool

Waking up and getting dressed without a frown


– “Hey did you just login, in your night-gown?”

And I saved an entire hour

because I didn’t have to take a shower

No more starving until lunch



behind the scenes, there is an all-day personal brunch

But if any of us made a slight hoot

our teachers could easily put us on mute

Glitches & hitches… are done for the year

along with chat and mic disablers

This year was such a blast

Too bad…. it’s gone so fast

5th grade was so much fun

But until next time – Summer holidays here I come.

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