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Pratichi Satpathy

12 Years

53 Years

Sai International School


Feeding My Sister | Funny Poem by 12 year old from Bhubaneswar

Feeding little ones? Its no less than a war! 12 year old Pratichi from Bhubaneswar shares a hilarious poem on the subject.

fruit plate poem bookosmia

Avocado puree on the floor,
As I sadly walked out the door.
Broccolis thrown across the room,
Not a bite will she consume.

Cauliflower pieces on my face,
Grace? There is no trace!
Dragon fruit in my sister’s hair,
Truly a vicious bird’s lair.

Eggplant stuck to the edge of the bed,
When will this come to an end?
Fruit plate up-ended on the ground,
While the peels lie nearby in a mound.

Green-leafy veggies to replace my hair,
Splatters of mashed food on my chair.
Halwa, the favourite, and the only thing eaten
In the food fight, she remains unbeaten.

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