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‘How will Santa come to our house, if we don’t have a chimney?’ Story by 5 year old Bookosmian from Queensbury, NY

Christmas for kids with Kiara Bookosmia
Christmas with Sara festivals for kids with Bookosmia
Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!
Christmas is almost here and I love the festivities in the air. But not as much as I love reading these wonderful write ups from kids across the world!
Today, 5 year old Kiara from Queensbury, NY shares this adorable story.
Christmas with Sara Kiara from NY Bookosmia
Kiara loves the stories on Bookosmia, goes to pre Kindergarten at child time and loves to draw stories, make stories, and do arts and crafts.
How will Santa Claus come to our house, if we don’t have a chimney?
I wish for a bounce house this Christmas. I wrote a letter to Santa. I was very good this year.
I asked my mommy, “How will Santa Claus come to our house if we don’t have a chimney?” I saw in the book Santa Claus comes to the house from chimney. All my friends have chimney. So I won’t get a gift?
Mommy gave me a key. I put it close to the door. Santa Claus will come from the door and will bring me a gift.
Christmas with Sara festivals for kids NY Bookosmia
Mommy will make cookies and hot cocoa for Santa. Daddy will put maple syrup on the roof. Reindeer will get stuck there and Santa does not have to go too fast. He can eat cookies and hot cocoa.
I am so excited for the Christmas!


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