Prayush Kanodia

6 Years

St.Xavier’s Collegiate School


How I spend my Sunday | Blog by Prayush, 6, Kolkata

How do your Sundays normally go? 6-year-old Prayush from Kolkata shares about his weekend.

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As my exams got over, it was a lazy Sunday for me. I woke up late and after completing my breakfast I played football with my father. While playing, I suddenly remembered that I needed to buy colour pencils. The moment I stepped out for the market, it started to rain. I was excited to use my favourite yellow umbrella. As I was returning, I thought that I would draw one birthday card for my father.


During lunch, my grandmother came up with a great idea to go to a mall for shopping. We all left for the mall and the ambience of the mall was so colourful.I played games in TimeZone and that was the best part of the day. In the evening I went to the park and played with my friends.


My mother cooked delicious food for dinner. But my day ended with one big surprise from my parents. I got a new Hot Wheels truck and I immediately started to play with it. Thus, I enjoyed, laughed and played on Sunday. 

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