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Dia Sheoran Chhajta

7 Years

Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka


My Beloved Doggy Simba| Poem by Dia, 7, Delhi

Let’s read about Simba, a four-legged companion of 6-year-old Dia, in this heartfelt poem.

Dog love Simba kids poem bookosmia

My Beloved Simba


Simba my doggy is very cute

He loves to wear a suit.


He always stays happy

and whenever he eats food he wears a nappy


He is super hairy

and one day he acted like a fairy


Simba is very loyal

and he likes to dig soil


He is quite playful

and he is always joyful


Simba is very friendly

and sometimes he acts too silly


Simba is really funny

and he has a toy bunny.


I love my doggy, Simba


One Response

  1. This is such a heartwarming and delightful poem about Simba! It’s clear how much love and joy he brings to your life. Thank you for sharing this adorable tribute to your beloved doggy.

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