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Holiday – A Moonlit Night by the Sea | Bookosmia

What’s your favourite  holiday memory? 14 year old Nishani Kar from Kolkata shares hers with us.

moonlight by the sea bookosmia

I still remember a beautiful moonlit night that I enjoyed in the month of May last year. With my friends and family, I had gone to Kerala.

It was a beautiful place and had lots of beaches. So one fine evening I was sitting on the shore with my friend and munching on some delicious sea food.

The weather was nothing less than perfect. It was a little windy and the sound of the waves blessed my ears. Later,  I decided to turn on some good music. The soothing breeze had lulled me into a deep slumber and I had lost track of time. As the night went on, the moon became brighter and its silvery light made the beach look prettier than ever. It was one of the most beautiful things.

I had experienced and it left my mind relaxed and my heart filled with joy.

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