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Camping for Kids – A Vacation Adventure | Story | Bookosmia

Dreaming about vacations? 12 year old Andrea Rose Thomas from Sharjah, tells us an intriguing camping trip story!

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Hi, I am Emily and I’m 19 years old. Today, I’m going to narrate a crazy incident that happened to me when I was 15.
My life was perfect. I had two loving parents, a slightly overprotective older brother named Mark, a big house, and everything a 15-year-old girl could possibly want.
At school, I was the most popular kid and had loads of friends. I regularly threw parties and had friends come over. When the exams were near, I studied hard and always ended up getting the highest score in class. But, I guess all good things must come to an end one day.
It all started when our class teacher, Miss. Walter, announced that we were having a field trip. We were given consent forms which had to be filled and signed by our parents. I begged my parents to let me go and finally, after a lot of pleading and begging, they agreed.
We were spending a week in the forest. We would be staying in tents. There would be a tour guide and our class teacher also would come with us.
On the day of the trip, the parents dropped us off at the school. We went to the class and everyone got on the bus. When we reached the camping site, the tour guide explained the rules, safety tips and handed out maps to everyone.
Then we went for a short walk in the surroundings just to be familiar with the camping site. Afterwards, we pitched our tents, had dinner, and went to bed. The next day, soon after breakfast, we left for hiking. In the afternoon we had lunch and then explored the forest and at night we lit a campfire, sat around it, and told horror stories. Then finally, we had dinner and went to our tents to sleep. This was our schedule for the remaining 5 days.
On the fifth day, when we went again for the hike, I ended up trailing away from the group and got lost. Suddenly, I heard something behind me. I looked back and I saw a wild animal behind me. I started running for dear life. Just then, I saw an arrow come out of nowhere and kill the animal. When I looked at my unknown guardian angel, I was shocked. She looked exactly like my brother! She invited me into her tent, and we spoke for hours. I found out that she was adopted by her present family. I got her number and went back to the camping site. We returned to school later that day, and everyone parted ways for their home.
I went back home and told my parents I was calling a friend over and they agreed. I invited the girl, whose name was Mary. When my family saw her they fell back in shock. Mark was extremely surprised and so was Mary. My parents suddenly burst into tears and hugged her. Turns out, she was Mark’s twin sister. They had been adopted by different families. We invited her in, and we told everyone of how we met and how Mary saved my life. It was the best family reunion ever!

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