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Ladybug Who Got a Makeover | Poem | Bookosmia

Did you hear about the ladybug who got a makeover ? 8 year old Riyaarth Saraogi from Gurgaon reveals, in this creative ekphrastic poem.

Ladybug poem bookosmia

There was a best-looking insect competition

To be held on the trunk of the hollow banyan tree

Wanted to participate,

a not so good-looking ladybug

With tanned red skin and light grey spots on her wings.


She went to Insecton – a salon owned by Mr. Ant

In a sad tone asked him to touch up her wings and tan

The ant was a genius and famous in his field

Telling her not to worry he took out his magic tools


He painted her spots jet black giving them a purple shimmer

Making her feel ticklish he painted her body bright red

He brushed and set with gel her body hair

And made her all ready to be the winner.

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