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Heaven, Hell And Birth of Earth|Poem| By 15 year old from Goalpara, Assam

Come, get immersed in this fascinating poem about a royal kingdom where one daughter gets to rule heaven and the other gets to rule hell. What happens next? Do read this poem by 15 year old MU Harshitaa from Goalpara, Assam to find out!

Harshitaa is a student of Sainik School Goalpara, Assam.


Read with Sara Poem by Harshitaa from Assam

A long time ago, may be a millennium back then

In the land above, in heaven

Lived a family

Where blood was made of royalty


Ruled the land a mighty queen

With daughters attached like never seen

The queen ruled heaven and hell

Hell, a land to pity and heaven, where all was well


But as her winter came near

Escalated for her land, her fear

And so Elena was given heaven to rule

While hell was reserved for Elnor to rule


Elnor at first in sorrow was soaked

To have her heart broken

But when she picked the pieces of her life

Through her mother’s dreams,

she vowed to cut through like a knife


Now she cared for no other

And so she turned her entire land against her mother

But this wasn’t enough for her to cure

Their mother’s misery she wanted to make sure

And so with her heart bitter

She waged a war against her own sister

In her only hate reflected

And so, an army she collected


Well, on the other hand

Her sister, queen of the fair land

Still did hold her dear

And so for her reign had fear


She was still her childhood dove

The one who was her life’s love

But the queen ordered her to burn down hell forever

And her mother’s order she disobeyed never


But she knew her sister was acting in rage

And she really could change

So though, she was her lovely daughter

She made nothing of her mother’s order


And so a new chapter did unfold

And with a heart cold

The queen decided to kill her own kin

For all she did, her inflicted sin


And so she herself all alone

Made a ferocious arm of her own

With half a dozen weapons in her own hands

She crossed through, crossed through lands


And reached the land of hell

Vowing its ultimate fall

And so at the dawn of day light

Started their epic mystic fight


Elena begged them to separate

But they were blinded by their hate

On different sides stood mother and daughter

While their armies clashed and fought each other


Down came rage and violence’s tides

As blood was flown from both the sides

The scene following made Elena sick

As women and men went down so quick


Souls and hearts and minds tearing apart

Filled nothing but agony in her heart

The sky wasn’t blue, now it was red

And no more could you see soil’s bed


For now it had not a sapling or tree

No animals roaming so free

But just lifeless corpses lying

And horrifying scenes piling


Soon with both the armies down

Came forward each crown

But before their battle could start

Elena went and pushed them apart


She stood between them like a wall

Vowing to stop their fall

But, with anger the queen cried

And simply, pushed them aside


”Mother, Mother, our family she is

Your lovely daughter and my dear sis

Mother, Mother oh please don’t make a fuss

Though, I know, her heart has turned against us

But this is when, as family we must stand

And stop this destruction of our land”


“Leave the matter for me to run

Before me, you’re no one

I built this empire from sand

And never, will I choose family before land

Dear, Dear, not you not her

Before my kingdom none does matter

Seeing bleed the blood of my people

My heart, my heart does crumble

Your heart’s warmth from you, hides the wrong

Though, this I won’t let last for long!”


Down fell the patience the queen had towered

And she plunged her sword forward

And out silent roar flew

As it slay through Elnor and accidently Elena too


And together, by the sword, blood bound

They fell together to the ground

Along with their hearts

The queen fell apart


Her minds finally did tame

As back to her, senses came

She carried her daughters’ corpses to the Lord

In his peaceful mighty abode


She quietly said her will then

And begged for her to resurrect her children

Though just one or two

Lord had terms too

“My child I can resurrect only one

She too won’t live in the world known

Changes will come by

And none knows what ahead shall lie…”


“My lord, resurrect them as one being

A new species called human being

Where she shall live in a land new

And many new things will ensue.”


And so, the first human was born

Who with, both lightness and darkness was adorn

With blood half of heaven and half that of hell

She created the earth so well…



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