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Diya Shah

13 Years

53 Years

Sri Sri Academy


‘These Are The Things I Think About ‘ Poem by 13 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Read with Sara Poem by Diya Shah from Kolkata

Why do we grow?

What’s the need of studying history?

Can’t time pass slowly?

To me it remains a mystery.

Are guys are more capable than girls?

Makes me think deeply.

Getting poor marks when I can do much more.

A mystery unsolved that touches my core.


White snow, ambers of autumn and peachy spring,

beautiful butterflies sitting on red roses,

Are my favorite things.


Snoozing the alarm and looking at the mirror for a long time,

Are some of my hobbies, certainly not a crime.


My blood boils on a hot summer day

with long power cuts on a sweltering hot May.


I leave my toys, shoes, clothes behind as I grow older,

however I still hear

“Keep your things tidy,”

“Sit down and have your food dear.”



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