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Half Human, Half Robot- Science Fiction

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It is a sunny morning in Pyongyang. The date is 6 may 2090.It is a week day. Today Aden is going to school for the first time in his life. He was half human-half robot. His limbs were like a robot and rest of the body like a human.

Dad gave Aden a packet of toffees to distribute among his mates and the  teachers. Aden put on his Travel Watch and tapped it, then he selected ‘The Pyongyang School’ on it and within a wink, Aden was transferred to the Pyongyang School.

When the children saw Aden, they had a strange expression on their face because of his strange looks. They did not even talk to him.Then the teacher started the lesson. As soon as the teacher put on her headphones, a wave of  telepathy connected the teacher and the students. Then, the students settled  the dial on the magic pen and the lesson was in their mind. The magic pen  automatically took down the notes and the children just had to  chew the pen (which was edible) to learn the math notes.

Aden’s pen was also writing very fast. Soon it was break time. Aden went in  the canteen and ordered a pizza. The waiter brought the ball of the pizza and  put it in a special red plate and in 30 seconds the ball exploded. The pizza was  on the plate. Aden devoured it.


After that, it was music class.So Aden again tapped his watch and selected  music class on it. There he was! The music teacher had an air pen. The music  teacher wrote the music notes down on the air. The students wrote the notes  down with the magic pen and chewed it. Soon it was home time.


Aden wasn’t sad that nobody played with him that day because he was too excited.The next day in the recess,Aden wanted to play but nobody wanted to  play with him because of his strange looks.That day, Aden went home sad.


The following day, when a boy was going to the Pyongyang school, he slipped  and fell into a hole. As soon as he reached the end of the hole, there was a sound like the wolves howling. Aden heard it and immediately jumped in the  hole as well. When he saw the wolves in the hole, with the help of his robot  arms he fought with the wolves by holding them and then Aden crashed the wolves on the floor. He did not get hurt because his hands were made of metal. Then he helped the boy out of the hole.


When the boy reached school, he narrated the tale of Aden’s bravery to  everyone. From that day the students let him play with them. They even talked and shared their food with him. He always remembered his mother’s words, “Opportunity comes only once!”


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