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Geronimo Stilton – The Hunt For The Golden Book | Book Review | Bookosmia

Book Review - Geronimo stilton- The hunt for the golden book

I was so amazed by the book’s cover page. It had big, bold letters and they were in golden color and shiny. The picture shows Geronimo jumping from a plane with a parachute and he is holding a golden book.

I saw the book on the last pages of other Geronimo books. It said that it was a special edition book along with four other books. Another good reason why I bought it is that the heading says “Golden Book”. I really wanted to read it.

Usually letters in books are usually black but here special words are colored, bold, twisted and in various styles, that’s attractive. There are illustrations all over the book and almost on every page. All the pictures are very expressive and it made me feel more interested in the book. The general look of the book was mostly in golden color. The back cover was yellow and red with a small picture of Geronimo.

Let me introduce you to the lead characters of this book.


Geronimo Stilton – The author of the book, who runs The Rodent’s Gazette, the most famous newspaper on Mouse Island.

Thea Stilton – Geronimo’s sister and a special correspondent for the Rodent’s Gazette.

Trap Stilton – Geronimo’s prankster cousin and owner of Cheap Junk for less.

Grandfather William Shortpaws – Geronimo’s always-angry and always-scolding Grandfather and founder of The Rodent’s Gazette.


Book Review - Geronimo stilton- The hunt for the golden book


Geronimo had finished 10 years of writing books. His family wanted to host a party. Geronimo wrote a Golden Book for the occasion but, when he finished the book, it was stolen! The book follows their adventure of looking for the book.


My favorite part of the book was Geronimo’s amazing idea to host the party.


From this book, I learnt that if we work together we can do anything.

Book Review - Geronimo stilton- The hunt for the golden book

Best age-group for the book : 6-10

Rating on a scale of 5 : 5 *****


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  1. Hi Aarav maneti Weldon well wrote good job god bless you my grandson I love you with love your loved bhasker thathayya.

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