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Ganga-Beautiful, powerful river| Poem by Pritika,14,Noida

Had an interesting trip? Tell us! 14-year-old Pritika from Noida marvels at the beauty of the mountains and the Ganga river while also being terrified of its unpredictability.

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The shards of rocks fall and blast everywhere

But it’s much more terrifying when you are underneath them


Driving on a rather menacing mountain road

Trust me, you will be anything but bored


A shard falling on your head any minute

It’s not fun to have a rock ricochet


I hold my breath but it doesn’t help

So I just gaze at the beauty, welp!


The Ganga river flexes and it’s currents suddenly increase

As if showing when the rock topples that’s where my life may cease


Eventually, I make it to the hotel safely for god’s sake

I am certainly not planning to be a dust gathered object’s bait!

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