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Family Time – Searching For A Mother’s Love | Bookosmia

Family time - Searching for a mother’s love

Family time - Searching for a mother’s love


Birthdays are those exceptional days of life when we feel special amidst our loved ones. It is that one day that is dedicated to us and efforts are made by our friends and family to commemorate it.

Being an orphan from childhood, there wasn’t really anyone I could celebrate my birthday with. There was no one with whom I could spend this special day. No one really wishes to enjoy this day alone. Thus, I am never really excited about my birthday and spend it with children who live with me in the orphanage.

Tomorrow, I will be turning fifteen, and I am hopelessly waiting for that day to get over. However, I have a weird feeling like something extraordinary would happen that would alter my entire life. Like I always knew that the orphanage head, Mrs. Roy and all the younger children in this orphanage would surprise me with a homemade cake as soon as I wake up. This was the only time I look forward to in the entire day. But a strange thing happened this time.

As soon as I woke up the next day, neither Mrs. Roy nor my young friends were present near my bed with the delicious cake. Instead there was an unknown 40-year-old lady sitting beside me caressing my face lovingly. The lady was beautiful with long brown hair and cute dimples on her face. She had a lovely tattoo of a swan on her collarbone. She was wearing a red top with white jeans along with a yellow scarf.

Immediately I got positive and motherly vibes from her. She was the only lady, apart from Mrs. Roy, who had showed love to me. It made me feel extremely special and wanted.

Family time - Searching for a mother’s love

With a smile so infectious and tears clouded near her eyes, she wished me “Happy Birthday dear, I wish that you get all the happiness in the world and keep smiling always. Here is a small token of love from me, I hope u will accept it!”

Before I could react or thank her for her lovely wish, she left from there as if she had vanished in thin air. I was too shocked by the sudden turn of events. The gift that she had given me was a small box that had been neatly wrapped with a handmade wrapping paper and with a small paper heart on the top on which it was written ‘happy birthday’.

Being curious, I opened the gift and was surprised with its contents.

It contained a letter and a small diary with a quote “Only in the darkness can you see the stars”.

It was a very inspiring quote and instantly struck something in my mind. When I opened the notebook, it had a small note saying,” I wish to become your best friend. Fill me with all your memories-sad or happy. I will always support and listen to you silently like a faithful companion.” It was such a sweet gift that a small smile had come on my face after several months.

After looking at the diary, I opened the letter to see a long message written in small cursive handwriting. Inside the letter, it was penned,

“Dear Meera,

You know I first saw you three months ago, when I had come to visit Mrs. Roy. I saw all the children laughing and playing but you were the only one who was sitting silently on the bench looking sadly at a picture. I asked Mrs Roy the reason for your sadness. She said that that was the day when your mother had died and your father had left you here. My heart pained and it instantly reminded me of my past.

I was an orphan like you but no one had ever adopted me or taken care of me. I did not want you to have a fate like mine so I instantly asked Mrs. Roy if I could adopt you. She was hesitant and she told me that she would like to think a bit. I was not disheartened, I would come every week and look at you from far. It was a week ago when Mrs. Roy confirmed to me that I could take you with me only if you wanted to. I was ecstatic and was going to ask you immediately when Mrs. Roy told me to surprise you on your birthday. Thus, today I am asking you if you would make me lucky by accepting me as your friend. I want to become your friend before becoming your mother. I wish to give you all love and care of a mother. I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.”

Tears were streaming down my eyes when I read and re-read the note. I ran towards Mrs. Roy and instantly hugged her. I asked her if it was true. She wiped the tears off my face smiling and nodded slowly. It brought an extremely huge smile on my face. She handed me a document that had all the details of the lady and told me that I could give a response whenever I felt comfortable. I did not have to think twice, I instantly gave my approval and rushed to my room and took out my mother’s picture. Looking at her face I knew I had made the right decision.

Family time - Searching for a mother’s love

My one approval changed my life completely. I was in a new environment and I now had a new family, new school and new friends. I had a place which I could call my ‘home’ and a person whom I could call ‘mine’ and who would guide and support me in my every step. I could now dream which I was afraid of doing earlier. I started enjoying every second of my life fully.

She has indeed been my mother, friend, guide and mentor. She made my birthday my favourite day as it was the day when I received a miracle in the form of my mother.


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