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Saiaansh Dey

7 Years

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Doon International School


Lego Blocks Spacecraft – Dear Grandpa, Guess What I Made? | By Saiaansh,6, Vadodara

Have you ever written a letter to someone? 6 year old Saiaansh Dey, a Bookosmian from Vadodara, writes a sweet letter to his grandfather and what a lovely bond they have as he talks about his favourite Lego blocks

Lego blocks spacecraft - Dear grandpa, guess what I made?
Dear Nanu (maternal grandfather),
How are you? We are all good here. I have my online school every day.
Last Monday, I got a surprise gift from papa. It was my favourite Lego block spacecraft.
My papa said, “You can’t make this yourself, it is very difficult. I will help you tomorrow.”
I was sad and kept the Lego blocks in the box. The next morning after school, I opened the box and started making the spacecraft. Then I completed it in 5 hours.
Nanu, papa was surprised to see the spacecraft. I made it without his help. Muma and papa were happy.
I am sending the photo. I know you will like it, show it to Nani also.
Bye Nanu, love you Nanu.
Lego blocks spacecraft - Dear grandpa, guess what I made?


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