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Pranav Purohit

9 Years

SRI SRI Ravishankar Vidya Mandir- East


Excited to write about my grandparents | Blog by Pranav, 9, Bangalore

9-year-old Pranav from Bangalore is excited to tell us all about his grandparents in this blog and we are all ears!

Pranav grandmother contest bookosmia

I am excited to write about my grandparents. I call my paternal grandmother, Dadi. She lives with us in Bangalore and she cooks delicious food. She also teaches me Hindi. I also help my Dadi in looking after my sister Aashi.


I have never seen my paternal grandfather but I have heard about him from my father. He was a doctor. I always feel proud about his work. 


My maternal grandparents live in Bhopal. I often go there to spend holidays with them. I love to spend time with them.

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