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Praaptie Mishra

11 Years

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Dear trees, will you ever forgive us? Poem by Praaptie, 13, Bhubhaneswar

If you could pen a letter to trees, what would you write? Here is 13-year-old Praaptie’s poetic message. 

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Dear trees, will you ever forgive us? 


Dear trees, 


Never do you aspire anything in return

Just willing to serve us selflessly

Can you ever forgive us humans for destroying you so ruthlessly?


How selfish we humans are!

We forgot to care, to love and to nurture

Diseases and disasters are hence the results – the curse of nature


When you bend to caress me and your shade hugs my heart..

Nothing beats those euphoric moments

and my soul never wishes to stay apart


Much more than just a seed, a stem and a timber

Every tree is far more precious than even gold, diamond and silver


Most beautiful creation of God are the trees

So generous and so humble

To give us warmth, happily turning to ashes without a mumble.


Today I love you so much my friend with every ounce of my being

I wish the whole humankind realises your worth and treat you like their fellow beings


Every breath you take until you perish

So that we can stay alive

You served us for ages

Now it’s our turn to make you smile. 

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