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Krishav Jain

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#SaraReads: Essay- My beautiful garden

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My Beautiful Garden

Ahead of the holidays, my school entrusted us with various activities like  collecting of leaves, flowers and sprouting of beans. These, arose my interest  in the environment so, I decided to plant a container garden in my balcony.

There were already pots and containers and fertile soil in my house. I asked my father to arrange for sunflower seeds and small rose plants. I took the pots and filled them till the middle with soil, after which I sowed lemon and papaya seeds. In the containers I planted tomato, coriander, capsicum and chilly  seeds. All the seeds were collected by me from the kitchen.


My father made a vertical self- watering garden by reusing and recycling old  plastic soda bottles that we hung on one side of the wall of my house and we grew money plants in them. Within a weeks’ time, the shoots sprouted out and I started watering them in the evening. Now, once in every fortnight, I spray water soluble fertilizers. I also sit with the gardener to assist him and learn the methods to maintain the  garden.

After months, my garden is green, colourful and looks picturesque. I am very  satisfied as I have channeled my energy and efforts to help the environment, while creating a picturesque view for myself to unwind my stress and make me smile.

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