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Erode-Visiting my family roots| Blog by 8 year old from Bangalore

Where did you go in the holidays? 8 year old Aaryan Vittal from Bangalore went to his native place called Gobichettipalayam.

visiting erode bookosmia for kids

This time we went to my Achi’s (grandmother’s) native place (Gobichettipalayam) which is the hottest place I have visited. It is located in Erode district, filled with gorgeous greenery, farms, paddy fields, and running water creeks. Gobichettipalayam is also filled with villages, towns and streets and buildings. My thaatha (grandfather) has named our building after me here!

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The journey from Bangalore to Gobichettipalayam is a feast to the eyes with so many mountains, trees, water creeks, and green farms all along. We even crossed the world famous Mettur dam every time, and the thermal plant at Mettur has two long chimneys coughing up smoke into sky always!

There are many people sitting on highway sides selling their farm grown fruits and vegetables. My Amma (mother) and Achi always love this fresh produce.

coconut roadside blog bookosmia

Not sure how many of you have noticed near Karnataka- Tamil Nadu border, there’s a helicopter and jet on a building (do notice it next time when you are nearing Hosur from Bangalore or the other side).

tamil nadu bangalore road bookosmia

When we arrived home, my Achi made some yummy lunch. Then I went outside and played basketball with my cousin. The best part was we went to the movies!

We spent time by watching a movie called KRK in a theatre nearby –its more fun to watch movie in a place with people screaming and whistling throughout. It is generally silent when we go to watch movies in Bangalore. We had a big bowl of caramel popcorn and our family favourite – rose milk.

Then we returned back to the complex and all of us played badminton. Unluckily, the shuttle cock fell out of the building, and we were unable to get it since it went through the thorny bush.

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Next, we played football and I kicked the ball on the shed. My grandmom went on the shed and pushed the ball down for me like Spiderman, then after a while my amma and I went to a park called ‘Indhra Park’.

indhra park erode blog bookosmia

It is a newly launched park. It has a fountain with music and lights, a huge lovely lake where amma and I sat and watched all birds flying back to the nests. It was such a peaceful sunset though we missed going boating as we were late.

erode tamil nadu bookosmia

It also has a children’s play area amidst green garden. I loved this so much though we live in garden city!

Then we went to a general store, which is named Jagan metal. There were many aluminum steel products, and many gold and copper products too. I got a steel mug for myself- and hey we can get our names engraved on all products here for free!

erode blog kids bookosmia

We returned home to a power cut. There was heavy rain and noisy thunderstorms. Achi lit a lamp and we talked to each other in the lamp light.  I feel we actually connect to people better when we sit down and talk right.

Lovely rain, nice day and soon we had to sleep. Unwillingly we had to pack up and head back to Bangalore.  Then we had a quick plan, to visit the famous Pariyur temple. We prayed to god, took some pics with my Achi’s new phone we bought at the store in my complex. Shortly after, we spotted a creek and saw geese, then we went back to the complex, took all of the luggage and headed into the car.

erode tamil nadu bookosmia

We said our goodbyes to our relatives, and on our way back we watched the green paddy fields. It was a feast for our eyes. We spotted people selling ice apple (nongu), and we pulled over and had some yummiest ice apples.

ice apples tamil nadu bookosmia

I realise why villages are called the backbone of India, it is so full of life. I love the slow life here. It was getting very late, so we zoomed back to Bangalore.

Hey did you guys also enjoy your holidays? Also have you visited your native place? There must be something special and emotional about every native place. Also are you guys excited for school reopening finally after two years? Let me know!

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  1. I’m so glad you love our native place Aaryan!! I’m sure so many will get to read about our place now!! Onwards and upwards baby🫶🏻💫 keep writing ✍️

  2. Very well written Aryan.
    You have good observation and notice the details.
    Remember to Read more and more and you’ll become a marvellous writer!

  3. Thanks for that , Aaryan. Loved reading your piece and it reminded me of my childhood days with my grandparents. Cherish these moments & keep sharing.

  4. Awe so well narrated aryan!! I envy your trip.. true!! villages have life force in itself.. its really tranquilising out there.. Good you get to visit often😊

    Keep up your jotting work!!

  5. A lovely descriptive account of your visit to Gobichettipalayam, Aaryan! You almost took me there through your writing.

    Keep going places. Proud of you.

  6. Very well written n documented.. it actually creates a visual experience as we read it.. great job Aaryan baby . Proud of u like always.. All the very best ,,👍

  7. I’m so happy to read about my village written by you baby…. Keep writing more… My prayers and blessings are always with you…. I love you bujju

  8. Realistic approach in the writing of story. Congratulations. God bless you with lots of happiness. Wishing you many more happy events ❤️🎉🌷😊

  9. Aaryan Keep rocking 🔥
    We can understood how much you have enjoyed and missed our gobichettipalayam huh ….

  10. So beautifully you have depicted all your observations and thoughts Aaryan.
    Well done and keep writing..

  11. Good evening Aryan.
    My lovely Grandson really fantastic story about your journey with beautiful photographs.I am proud of you for all the thoughtful things you do. I love you beta..

    Madhura Ajji.

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