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My best summer memories | Poem by 14 year old from Dahod

As we say bye to summer, 14 year old Niti from Dahod reminisces on the wonderful season gone. Share your summer memories with us!
ice-gola-summer bookosmia poem
Sharp rays of the sun falling directly in the eyes,
Everything starts melting including the ice.
Burning road can melt the tyres,
For the icecream there are many buyers.
Kids have vacations so they are lucky,
At home they jump like monkeys.
We don’t like to get out of the pool,
For eating golas we don’t have any rule.
Lustrous grass have hardworking ants,
Some birds fly as they are migrants.
Children hate summer camps,
But parents force them to learn to live in the lamps.
Sweet drops of juicy mangoes,
Are a favorite even of lazy fellows.
No one likes hot beverages,
But only a cool touch of lemons and oranges.
I really love the days which are sunny,
The lazy crocodiles are very funny!

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