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Famous Five Series by Enid Blyton- Five Go To Smugglers Top | Book Review by 11 year old from Delhi

Love Enid Blyton? 11 year old Vachi from Delhi read Famous Five and sends us this review!

Enid Blyton Famous Five Bookosmia
Famous five is the one of the best mystery series written by the world renowned author, Enid Blyton.
This out of the world series consists of 21 books beautifully compiled by Enid Blyton.
Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the mind blowing books of the Famous five series ‘Five go to Smuggler’s top’.
This story starts with a furious fire which destroys Kirrin cottage. As a result, Uncle Quentin sends the Five to Sooty Lenoir’s house in Smuggler’s top. This place is a very curious and queer place located at the summit of an old hilltop . It is surrounded by a dangerous marsh. However, the mystery starts when Uncle Quentin later comes to Smuggler’s top. He and Sooty are kidnapped by a local clever smuggler Mr. Barling. The children also find a secret and enigmatic passage.
Yet again, a new adventure, a new mystery!
What do you think? Will this turn into an exciting adventure? How will they find Sooty and Uncle Quentin? Do not miss the book to get answers.
This series is about The Famous Five members,
Julian, Dick, Anne, George and her dog Timothy.
Timothy shares every bit of the adventure with the Famous five. He also turns out to be a savior in some adventures. Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny are also some characters of this story.
The first few chapters of this book are based on the beautiful Kirrin Cottage where George and her family live. Most of the events of this book are placed in the Smuggler’s top and the secret tunnel present in this old hill top!
According to me, this ticks all my boxes of a perfect mystery book. So I’d give it five stars.
This is a book I highly recommend for a book worm, new readers and mystery and adventure lovers . This book has adventure, thriller, mystery, curiosity, suspense and dare with a pinch of comedy. So do read the book and let us know your feedback.

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