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Ravleen Kaur

10 Years

53 Years

Sushila Birla Girls School


‘Dream- A beautiful word’ Essay by 8 year old Ravleen Kaur from Kolkata

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‘Dream’ is such a beautiful world that takes us into a world of fantasy.

We all see dreams sometime or the other when we are in deep sleep. Some  dreams are very delightful and take us into a magical world, but others are very frightening and scary. But the best part is that we never remember a dream in  the next morning. It is a hazy picture.


Dreams play an important role as they bring motivation and determination in  an individual. Lack of motivation is the cause that forces a person to leave his  dream behind. That is why it is said, “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. THEY KNOW  THE RIGHT WAY.”


Dreams have a lot of advantages which include good sleep, reducing stress,  helping us solve a problem and at times surprise us when they seem to predict the future, thus a  growing child makes his/her decision what is he/she going to be in future.  Example- I dream to be an engineer when I grow into an adult.


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