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‘Ding Dong! Says Pinky’s new clock’ story by 9 year old Joann Soares from Ahmedabad

Read with Sara story of a special clock Bookosmia

‘Ding Dong!’… ‘Ding Dong! This was the sound Pinky’s new clock made.


Her father had gifted the clock to her on her birthday. But Pinky had no idea of  the secret of this new gift.


It was midnight and Pinky was fast asleep. She woke up with the loud noise of  the magical clock, ‘Ding Dong, Ding Dong.’ She got disturbed and angry and so  she tried to put off the noise by pulling the pendulum. When the clock stopped making the noise, she went to sleep back.

Next night, she was woken up by the same noise. She got angry and threw the  clock out of the window. Surprisingly the clock did not break.

Next day, she went to play. But her friends were not there and she was alone.  Surprisingly, Pinky heard a voice asking, “Shall I play with you?” She looked here and there but could see no one.


Then she saw the clock lying there. The voice came from again. Pinky got scared and asked, “I threw you and still you are not broken?”

Magical clock answered, “I am a magical clock. I show the time and help people in time of need.”

Then Pinky said, “But I threw you. Will you still be my friend?”

“Yes, I will, because friends forgive each other.” said the magical clock.


Pinky was very happy. She took the clock back to her room.


Now every morning at 6’00 o’clock, she wakes up from the alarm and hugs her magic clock.


She also learnt an important lesson to not hurt people or things because of anger and to forgive everyone easily.


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