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Dear Teachers – A Note From A Grateful Student | Bookosmia

DEAR TEACHERS - A note from a grateful student


DEAR TEACHERS - A note from a grateful student

You taught me to know, you taught me to learn
You taught me to grow, you taught me to discern

Holding my hand, the correct path you have shown
In the world of knowledge I was a traveller unknown

Knowing my weaknesses, you made me strong
and always taught me to choose the right over wrong

Without your guidance I would have lost my way
You made me realize that my goal is a little far away

Even when you scolded me I could feel the love behind
So blessed I am on having teachers so generous and so kind

You are the lamp of knowledge that will brighten my future
A guide, a friend, a mentor
and much more than just being my teacher

The day I reach the pinnacle of success,
I will surely remember
Whatever I am today is because of my wonderful teachers.


DEAR TEACHERS - A note from a grateful student



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