Jash Chadha

9 Years

9 Years

DPS Bopal, Ahmedabad


Cricket-Ye dil mange more! Poem by Jash,8, Ahmedabad

Wow! 9-year-old Jash from Ahmedabad breaks into a fun and fantastic poem about the joys of playing cricket and the life lessons in learning a sport.

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I started cricket 

when I was four.

Knee pad and gloves,

First time I wore !


I was ready to play and here came the ball,

Knock ! It hit my nose.

My face grew sore,

I cried and cried.

My father said to me,

“It’s alright!”

He encouraged me a lot,

and gave me advice. 


“Keep the ball

in your sight.

Get up, you are on strike.” 

It made me feel better,

I had a bruised nose, but it did not matter.


When I was 5, I hit my first 4,

People in the colony said

“Once more, once more.” 

I asked them, “Ye dil mange more?” 

(Does your heart want more?) 

They said 4, 4! 

I said Yay! 

And sprang out with joy like a wild boar.


Now my bat swings,

Like an angel’s wings,

Everybody cheers for me, there is a lot of singing,

And my phone does not stop ringing. 

16 Responses

  1. Excellent, very nice and very well written poem by Jash Chadha. Well done and Congratulations. God bless him always.

  2. Good work Champ 🙂 you always make us proud… keep exploring, writing and expressing.


  3. Awesome. God bless son . You going to rock the world with your creativity. Well done , keep it up

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