Utpal.R. Raja

12 Years


Mango: Eat and repeat| Poem by Utpal,12, Bangalore

Loving your mangoes? 12-year-old Utpal from Bangalore cannot stop raving about the king of fruits. 

Mango season - King mango and the fear of knives

Seasons are so many,


Some of them are very funny.


Summer is my preferred season,


Because of so many reasons.


Mango is the king of fruits,


And its tree has very big roots.


Mango comes in many types,


Few of them everybody likes.


Badami and Malgova are so sweet,


You would want to eat and repeat.


Mango ice cream is delicious,


It makes our mouths luscious.


Mango does a lot of magic,


Nothing tragic. 


India’s national fruit is Mango,


Eat mango, dance tango.


Juicy, juicy, juicy fruit,


Mango is my favorite fruit.

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