Janvi Surana

17 Years

Sri Sri Academy


Glass half empty or half full? Poem by Janvi, 17, Kolkata

Can the way you look at things change your life? 17-year-old Janvi from Kolkata makes us think.

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Glass half empty or half full? 


The butterfly trapped in its cocoon,

Was it a curse? Or was it a boon?

Safe from the people and this cruel world,

And terrible things that get hurled.


It yearned to come out of a place so safe,

Into this world with every smile so fake.

To spread its wings and fly,

All it wanted was to soar high.

Little did it know about lepidopterist’s net,

Not anymore in the sky,it was now in great depth.


It would dream of a garden full of flowers,

The dream so sweet was now sour.

It would cry about the things it was not,

Ignoring the beauty and all it was.


The poem isn’t just about a butterfly, it’s about all of us,

The world is so full of love, so why make so much fuss? 


*A lepidopterist is a person who studies or collects butterflies 

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