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‘COVID Vaccine for animals’ Story by 12 year old Karthik S from Bangalore

Read with Sara stories on animal vaccine for COVID Bookosmia

Far, far away in the Gir forest in Gujarat, there lived animals in the  forest and they all had a meeting for settling the issue of animals panicking because of COVID-19 and the lockdown started by King Simba in the forest of Gir. So, some animals came and asked for the vaccine.

King Simba announced a forest meeting at his den near the big rock and asked the royal messenger, Mr. Ping to spread the message to the respective administrators-

Mr. Sharko, administrator for the sea and Mr. Oogway, Minister of the sea

Mr. Toadhog, administrator for the amphibians,

Ms. Bunny, Minister of rodents,

Mr. Jerry, Administrator of the farms,

Mr. Pete-Administrator of the sky,

Ms. Buzz- Administrator of the insects


At last he called his royal priest, Mr.  Ellyvant and his royal minister for the meeting, Ms .Pam Pam.



Mr. Goat, who had spoken against King Simba last time was not invited.

They all sat down comfortably near a tree and started discussing the issue.

Elephant: Where is King Simba?
Panda: Yeah! Where is he?
Shark: We are where he told us to come.
Turtle: Let us wait. I think he is getting ready.
Lion: ROAR!!!!! I am here.
Parrot: At last he is here.
Rabbit: King Simba, what were you doing all this time?
Mouse: Everyone is getting scared of going out.
Camel: No one is coming out for water because of the fear of this virus. We need water supply and the canal is a little far.
Bee: None of the insects are coming out. Bees they are not making honey as they cannot go out to collect nectar.

Lion: Yes, I understand all your concerns and that’s why I have brought Mr. Ellyvant the elephant. Mr. Ellyvant knows about Ayurveda and he has prepared  a vaccine for us. Is it ready Mr. Ellyvant?

Elephant: Yes! Of course, I have prepared it so we can overcome this virus  anytime but there is a problem. This medicine needs tulsi leaves and I do not have any. The animals were unsure of what to do. Some of them got scared.

Goat: Wait, there is a small tulsi plant near the farm.

Everyone looked at Mr. Goat in surprise. Wasn’t he banned from the meeting?


King Simba walked slowly towards the goat. The animals were sure the goat would be punished.
Lion: What are we waiting for then? Let us go.

The animals were relieved.


Some things are more important than small fights. They all sat in a nice car and went to the farm for the tulsi leaves. Soon the vaccine got invented and they  happily lived ever after.


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