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Christmas for children who live on the street | Poem by Riyaarth,9, Kolkata

How did Christmas go for you? 9 year- old Riyaarth Saraogi from Gurugram writes a heartfelt poem about his plans for Christmas.

Christmas - Gifts, decoration and family
My plans for Christmas

This year I want to give a treat

To the children who live on the street.

When I decorate the Christmas tree with bells,

I’ll ask them to put stars and tinsels.


We’ll wear party caps and blow horns

Eat yummy pie and pepper corns.

Then we’ll play fun-filled party games,

Share lovely gifts and candy canes.


Then we’ll sing carols in chorus

And wish each other a merry Christmas.

Christmas, a happy and fun day,

To share and give is what it says.

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